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Thorburns Leamington Spa Wedding suits
Thorburns Leamington Spa Wedding suits

Thorburns Meanswear are always look to build on our heritage in new and exciting ways through contemporary design.

Natural fibres like wool, cashmere, flax and alpaca are central to our collections. These natural fibres are renewable and biodegradable, coming from all-natural sources for a rich, soft feeling that can’t be imitated. Our philosophy has always promoted the concept of ‘slow fashion’ through timeless collections, where pieces are designed to be worn time and time again. Sustainable fabric and high quality, long lasting products define our who we are.

Magee, Herbie Frogg and Marc Darcy are unique in the fact that they incorporate many of these fabrics into seasonal men’s lifestyle collections. We have been specialising in tailored garments for over 100 years and in latter years we have developed a more casual offering which enables our customers to use our experience in selecting collections that are versatile.

Thorburns Menswear Leamington Spa Wedding Suits
Thorburns Menswear Leamington Spa Evening Wear


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